A & J Foundation And Construction Mold Remediation

We offer foundation repair using unipile pressed piers beneath the foundation of the home.  Most companies install their piers to the first sign of resistance (approx. 2500 p.s.i.).  We drive our piers to approx. 6000 p.s.i. resistance to insure extra depth on the pier and double the safety factor of the support to minimize future movement in the areas worked on.  

No customer wants to pay for foundation work more than once, that is why we do it right the first time.  Most jobs (except cosmetic) are inspected and certified by a state licensed engineer for your protection and for ours to insure the repairs are completed and meet or exceed the building code for your area.

We offer REAL lifetime transferable warranties.  We don't charge you for labor, material, gas, etc. three years later like most of our competition do should you need any adjustments to our work.

There is an old saying and it is more true in this business than any other. "You get what you pay for!"  Don't make the mistake of hiring a company based on price only, you will regret it.  Make sure the company you hire has licenses, bonds, company insurance and has been in business for at least five years (with the same name and number).

We also build custom buildings, mold remediation and concrete work.